[Tweeters] Varied Thrush Whidbey

Steve Ellis sellis at coup.wednet.edu
Thu Aug 18 07:56:57 PDT 2005

A birder friend of mine reported a Varied Thrush visited her bird bath
yesterday ( just outside of Coupeville). It was taking turns with a
Swainson's Thrush and a robin. There have been tantalizing glimpses of
summer VATHs in the past but we've never been able to document nesting. This
bird could be a failed breeder who left the Cascades early but who knows?
I also had a Common Nighthawk over our yard last night, the only sighting
this summer of the species on Whidbey Island.
Steve Ellis
Coupeville, Wa.
sellis at coup.wednet.edu

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