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Wed Aug 17 22:53:23 PDT 2005

Hi Tweets,

Some days you just get lucky=85 Today was one of those days for Marissa
Benavente and I. We volunteered to take a Dutch couple (Hetty De Jong =
Andre Van Den Berg) out for the day. We headed for Whidbey Island in the
rain, but managed to get in a full day=92s birding with overcast skies =
in the
AM, and sunny skies by the PM. A few quick notes on highlights include:

1 Ancient Murrelet right next to the boat at Mukilteo Ferry dock (also =
alt. plumaged Marbled)
Approx. 20 Dowitchers (mostly Short-billed) at Crockett Lake
1 bright juv. Stilt Sandpiper at Crockett Lake
1 imm. Broad-winged Hawk over Fort Casey St Park

We only birded the south shore of Crockett Lake, walking the margin, =
to the road. This is where we saw the dowitchers and the Stilt =
There were also fair numbers (50-100) peeps, although no Semi =
Sandpipers, a
few Semi Plovers, etc. At Penn Cove we saw some distant rockpipers,
including 3-5 Black Turnstones, 2-3 Surfbirds and one Ruddy Turnstone.

The big highlight of the day though was the Broad-wing. It was a state =
for both Marissa and I. After seeing a couple in Alberta a couple of =
ago and then hundreds in Virginia last Fall, it was great to finally see =
in Washington. Hetty spotted it as it circled to gain height, just above =
trees of the first parking lot in the park. She, Andre and I watched it =
it continued to soar overhead for about 2-3 minutes. Marissa arrived =
my shouting for her and got to see it well also, but the bird continued =
circle upwards and away before I got the scope on it. It was a very =
colored immature, very similar to that illustrated in the Sibley guides,
except that the black-tipped primaries were even more prominently dark =
illustrated. It was almost completely white underneath with no patagial =
or belly band, with a darker tail, black-tipped primaries, rather short,
pointed wings (for a buteo) and shortish tail. The uppertail was brown =
banding and a prominent white terminal band. Another noticeable point =
the marks on either side of the neck/face.

I wouldn=92t have guessed that we could see Broad-winged Hawk, Ancient
Murrelet and Stilt Sandpiper all in the same day=85

Good birding,

Jim Flynn
Seattle, WA
buteoreg at comcast.net

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