[Tweeters] Ancient Murrelet Question

Deb Hagerty 42psalm01 at foxinternet.com
Thu Dec 1 04:59:22 PST 2005

 You don't suppose that this has anything to do with our apparently unusual
early winter weather in the Pacific North West do you? I do not usually get
snow and seriously freezing temperatures until late January, early February
but here I am worrying about my pipes and digging my way out of snow and it
is only December 1st. I do worry about pollution and such but I wonder about
weather when the birds do not come a calling.

Deb of Ray and Deb fame



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Date: 11/29/05 06:29:20

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I saw no murrelets at all - ancient or marbled - on two crossings of the
Port Townsend - Keystone ferry yesterday. This does seem unusual for this
time of year.


     Richard Isherwood

         Port Townsend

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