[Tweeters] Summary: Binoculars for an aged birder

Levine, Barron S LevineB at bsd405.org
Thu Dec 1 09:44:45 PST 2005

Thanks to all that responded to my post a few days ago. I would love to
tell you that there's a perfect panacea for this. The posts that I
received suggest otherwise. Probably for each individual situation
there's an individual solution.
Here are the suggestions that were presented:

-Use of a monopod/tripod, or a version of a monopod that rests on one's
belt. In a similar vein: resting the binoculars on a fence, car or ledge
-Zeiss Victory T*FL 10x42 were suggested by 2 individuals because of
their light weight, also in this category were Swift Ultralites.
-Quite a few said lower power binoculars would allow more light and make
shaking less of a problem. Zeiss FL 7's were mentioned,as well as Leica
Ultravid 7's. There was one vote for the new Leupold Katmai 6x32's.
-Many mentioned stabilized binoculars. Some liking them a lot, a few not
liking them due to the weight and awkwardness.
-To counteract weight many mentioned a shoulder harness.
-A few mentioned a possible trip to an opthalmologist for better
eyeglass prescription, a check on possible macular degeneration, or

This pretty much sums it up. My friend and I made a visit to a local
store where he was able to check out some of these options. He almost
immediately liked the stabilizing 10's. His problem seems to be that his
hand will shake even with lighter 10's, or less powerful binoculars.
We'll try the mono/tripod options next. Hopefully we'll be able to close
in on the best choice. It's a hard place for him to be in. He obviously
liked things just the way they were. 
Thanks again to the respondees and this list that transmits amazing

Barry Levine
levineb at bsd405.org
Ecology/Biology Teacher
Newport High School

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