[Tweeters] Discovery Park Snowy Owl at dusk

Kevin Li kdli at msn.com
Mon Dec 5 00:07:28 PST 2005

Sunday evening at about 4:30 I looked for the Discovery Park Snowy Owl and 
found it just north of the flag pole atop a tall fir tree; it looked much 
more active than earlier in the day, very alert. After some brief head 
bobbing at 4:55 it flew to the north to the top of another fir tree, this 
tree so slender that it made for a very wobbly perch. A moment later it flew 
back south, and appeared to pounce on something in the open grassy area. At 
this point it was getting quite dark and we never got another look at it. It 
was probably about 100 yards NW of the flag pole when we saw it go down.

A couple passing by told us that they had seen a large owl down the hill 
toward the lighthouse just moments earlier, by the roadway; from the 
description it sounded like it may have been a barred owl.

Kevin Li
Ballard, USA
kdli at msn.com

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