[Tweeters] A hurt Red-tail at Heirman

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Hello Rob and Tweets,
In the future, if you come across a hawk such as the one you described, feel free to bring it in to the PAWS Wildlife Center.  If being face to face with the injured bird was a powerful experience, imagine the feeling of seeing that same bird fully healed and flying free once again.  The wildlife center can be reached by calling 425-787-2500 ext. 817, and the reception staff will be happy to give instructions on how to safely handle and transport the animal.
Kevin Mack 
PAWS Wildlife Department
Lynnwood, WA 


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I did my December duck count at Bob Heirman park today and on the way to Shadow lake there is an alder which has very recent, beaver workings, with fresh chips, teeth marks, the works. I walked over towards it for a closer look and a large dark thing moved along the top of the bank. I thought for a moment it was the beaver. Instead it was a red-tail hawk. It hopped up on another log, and perched with me just a few feet away. Its right wing was obviously damaged. I stared into those large predator eyes and the gulf between bird and monkey dissolved for a moment and I imaged soaring on the wind, sharp eyes picking out garter snakes and rabbits quivering in the grass. Standing so close was a privelege, an honor of the wild. After a bit I remembered, hey I have my camera! I reached down to pull it out of the case and the movement caused the injured bird  to flop frantically down the bank right into the little stream. It sort of hop jumped up the other bank and then ran up over the other bank.  I was quite tempted to chuck my stupid camera in the creek, not because I missed the shot, but because for want of a picture, I had ended my experience with  the bird.
Later I saw it sort of hopping through the red canary grass.
Rob Sandelin
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