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There have been Sandhill Cranes seen infrequently at the Kent Ponds (aka Green River Natural Resource Area or GRNRA) in recent years. I wastaking a bird banding class from Daniel Froehlich in Fall 2002 when over half the group saw one there. In speaking with Roger Orness yesterday when we were doing the onthly GRNRA bird survey, he mentioned that he has seen them there. And I know that many of these reports have been on tweeters in the past. I don't what y'all need to ake it a "reported record", but it sounds like there have been many sightings since the 1980's.
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      Kathy, Gene and Tweets,
  I believe that was 2001.  We were at the Boeing Pond in Kent peering thru the fog trying to figure out what that large bird was flying overhead.  And now I'm peering thru the fog trying to figure out which year it was.  I might have the date in my infamous stack of bird lists at home but I am temporarily residing in North Carolina.  
  Bruce "The Caboose" Jones
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Hi Gene and Tweeters,    I was on the Tweeters field trip with Carol Schultz to  the Kent area a few years ago and we saw a Sandhill  Crane.  I think they have been reported in the Kent  Valley more than once.    When I lived near Cavanaugh ponds my neighbor said he  saw three at the Maplewood Gold course.  The time of  year was right, fall, early winter, I never saw them  because he told me about 2 weeks after the fact.    Kathy  Roosting in S King County    --- Eugene and Nancy Hunn <enhunn323 at comcast.net>  wrote:    > Tweets,  >   > With regard to Sandhill Crane records for King  > County, I checked my now out-of-print _Birding  > Seattle and King County_ in which I summarized  > records up to 1982 (pg. 90). There were just six,  > and three of these were from the 1890s when fairly  > large flocks were noted. This accords with  > archaeological and historical evidence that  > Sandhills, presumably Greater Sandhills, used to  > nest widely in western Washington, likely in !
 > habits maintained by Indian burning.  >   > The other three records were all 1980, which was  > shortly after Sandhills were reintroduced at Pitt  > Meadows east of Vanouver, BC (fide Wayne Weber). I  > have compiled all King County rarity records up to  > ca 2000 and have no additional reports. We're off  > the coastal migratory path which runs from Cape  > Flattery through the Humptulips valley, over  > Raymond, to the lower Columbia River wintering  > concentration near Portland, Oregon.  >   > Gene Hunn  > 18476 47th Pl NE  > Lake Forest Park, WA  > enhunn323 at comcast.net>  _______________________________________________  > Tweeters mailing list  > Tweeters at u.washington.edu  >  http://mailman1.u.washington.edu/mailman/listinfo/tweeters  >       __________________________________________________  Do You Yahoo!?  Tired of spam?  Yahoo! Mail has the best spam protection around   http://mail.yahoo.com   _______________________________________________  Tweeters mailing list 
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