[Tweeters] Edmonds Snowy Owl

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Mon Dec 12 21:51:44 PST 2005

Today, about 12:45 PM I went to the public pier in Edmonds to search for the Snowy Owl. I had searched for several minutes and had not spotted it, but a kind gentleman walked up and pointed out that it was perched on top of one of the boats. I was thrilled to see it, as it may have been a first for me. I think I saw one in 1981 at Harriman State Park in Idaho, but I was a new birder at the time.

I had a neighbor with me who is slightly interested in birding. I let her use my "best" binos. She was totally entranced with the owl! What a wonderful day!

Late Saturday afternoon, I searched for the Snowy that was reported on Marrowstone Island, but was not able to locate it.

Karen Jones
Port Ludlow

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