[Tweeters] Martha Anderson, where are you?

Gabriel Newton gnewton at tahomaaudubon.org
Tue Dec 13 12:31:15 PST 2005

Does anyone know Martha Anderson, or how I could possibly
get in touch with her?

Growing up, she was a mentor of mine, the one who first
sparked my interest and curiosity in birding. Now working
for Audubon and having moved back into the area, I would
love to catch up with her and spot a snowy or two. It
wouldn't suprise me at all to hear that she still lives in
the Seattle area and continues to go on the occasional
bird walk.

This is a resending of a previous note, having changed the
subject line to be more direct. I appreciate any and all
help on this. It would be wonderful to be able to
re-connect with such a great friend.

Gabriel Newton
Seattle, WA
mailto:gsnewton at yahoo.com

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