[Tweeters] big white birds in Grant Co.

Hill hill at smwireless.net
Thu Dec 1 21:49:23 PST 2005

Jane Grant reported that two adult TRUMPETER SWANS returned to the Royal Slope area just NW of Royal Lake (Columbia NWR), using fields near her home and the dairy along Road E SE since Saturday (11/26). She also reported that one of her sons (Don Grant) saw a SNOWY OWL on Monday 11/21, on an island just north of O'Sullivan Dam, Potholes Reservoir. This location is about 3 miles from the most reliable area south of Moses Lake and near Perch Point. I'm not aware of any reports from that area yet this year but might take a look tomorrow if the snow doesn't get too deep. I did look briefly last week (without success) in the old location off Road L east of Moses Lake that has not been occupied for about 4 years now.

Randy Hill

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