[Tweeters] peanuts

Craig Kerns cekerns at eskimo.com
Sun Dec 4 22:17:48 PST 2005

I have a wire mesh peanut feeder hanging outside one of the kitchen
windows. It's under the eaves so it stays dry and the squirrels can't
get to it. I get nuthatches, chickadees, flickers, downy woodpeckers,
and hairy woodpeckers eating out of it just a few inches from the
window. The good thing is that they have to work at it for a little
while to get a small piece of peanut to take away so you can get a good
long, closeup look at them.

Here's a picture of a hairy:

Other backyard bird pictures here:

Craig Kerns
Lake Forest Park, WA

Ned McGarry wrote:

> My feisty resident RB Nuthatches spend most of their time at my tube

> feeder clearing out the millet and other "less desirable" pre-hulled

> seeds to get at the bits of peanuts. I think I need to put up a

> dedicated peanut feeder.

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