[Tweeters] Very Late Wilson's Warbler at Montlake Fill today

Mark Vernon ma_vern at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 8 13:52:56 PST 2005

This morning at the Montlake Fill I had a pleasant surprise. In the brush next to the main pond, a Wilson's Warbler was scratching about with Yellow-rumped Warblers and Golden-crowned Sparrows. It's yellow was really bright in today's sun. I would not have expected this.

I also had an interesting encounter with a River Otter that was swimming off shore. As I was counting Ring-necked Ducks I heard this funny snorting. The Otter swam up to give me a looking at. Possibly it was annoyed because I was standing in the spot it wanted to come ashore....

Another birder pointed out a funny looking sparrow, I had a couple of glimpses at it. It was smallish and seemed a different sort of brown, almost grayish or olive, but then the sun was bright. I will have to read up on different Sparrows.

-Mark Vernon
Renton, WA

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