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Forward this please. It was returned when I e-mailed it.

Thanks, Dan


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Subject: Marrowstone Island is a great place for a Snowy Owl

Matt Bartels is right. Marrowstone Island is a great place to look for a Snowy Owl. After hearing a report from Doug Watkins, I went to Fort Flagler State Park looking for a Short-eared Owl that Doug had seen on Sunday December 4th. He had seen the Short-eared Owl on the campground spit and reported that the owl had flown out to Rat Island after being mobbed by Gulls. Arriving with sunrise around 7:30AM, I walked the spit and scanned Rat Island with no luck. But after birding for about hour and a half, decided to head to the other side of the park to check Marrowstone Point. This is when I noticed the Snowy Owl on a log, in the camping area, about fifty feet from my car. It is an immature owl with lots of black barring. After I got a few pictures the owl flew off and roosted low in a Douglas Fir tree above the campground. It was still in this location when I arrived back at 3:45PM. With the sun setting, around 4PM, it flew out onto some logs on the spit. Maybe tomorrow, with a little luck I will see both owls.

Good Birding,

Dan Waggoner

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