[Tweeters] 12/19: possible "red" Fox Sparrow near Tenino

Paul Hicks phicks at accessgrace.org
Tue Dec 20 09:58:03 PST 2005

Mon, Dec 19, I observed a "reddish" Fox Sparrow near Tenino. Distinctive
features: Overall paler/grayer above and whiter (cleaner looking and more
contrasty) below (compared to "sooties"); rusty streaks on back; bold dark
lateral throat stripe bordered by bold whitish, long malar stripe along base
of head, nearly forming a half-collar and punctuated by a prominent spot
below the cheek, about the size of the bill, that looks rust-stained-white.
In dreary light did not show the clean grays above depicted in Sibley's
illustration, but appeared closer to his illustration of
"red"x"slate-colored" (ie, a duller, browner gray). This site hosted a "red"
Fox Sparrow last fall/winter--possibly the same individual. Directions: From
SR507 1 mile east/north of Tenino turn left (north) on Mull Rd and proceed
past the bridge 100 feet. 6 Fox Sparrows were feeding in the open along the
perpendicular wood post fence line where there's been recent brush mowing.
Good birding!
Paul Hicks
phicks AT accessgrace.org

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