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Actually, I believe 'microtine' is an adjective, not a noun, as Kelly infers.

As in, "Microtine rodents make up a high percentage of the marten's diet..."

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On 12/23/05, Kelly Cassidy <lostriver at completebbs.com> wrote:

> > What is a microtene? I saw mention of this on tweeters and


> Microtines are voles (genus Microtus) and similar rodents (such as

> lemmings). Voles (aka "meadow mice") are usually mouse-sized. Most have

> small eyes and ears. They eat mostly green vegetation. Many species have

> dramatic population swings.


> Voles are the bread and butter of many predators -- foxes, coyotes, many

> hawks, many owls, etc. Voles tend to have short lives and lots of baby

> voles (if they live long enough). "Breed fast, die young" is the vole

> motto.


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