[Tweeters] Lead shot

Martha Jordan swanlady at drizzle.com
Sun Dec 25 22:34:33 PST 2005

This is an update of the swan lead poisoning problem in the north. The
die-off has begun to occur again up in Whatcom County and Sumas Prairie in
B.C. . It remains to be seen how many will die, but more than 40 on the US
side and at least that on the Canadian side. We even have several lead
poisoned swans from Snohomish County roost site at the Bob Heirman Park
south of Snohomish. The Snohomish birds are likely unrelated to the Whatcom
County source, but it is something that needs further study.
The shot is not just from hunting. There is a lot of unregulated target
shooting going on, including down in the Skagit area along Miltown, out in
Snohomish area behind farms, and just about everywhere there is rural ag or
There is even a private "shooting range" in King County where target
shooting is not only allowed but encouraged over ponds and wetlands using
lead shot. That is going on today and has for many years.
Lead is still very much with us. After this Christmas weekend of
picking up dead and dying swans, banning lead needs to be a TOP priority.
Working together with the hunting and shooting community we must get the
lead out.

Martha Jordan

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