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A further commentary:

Several years ago(20?)an article appeared in Sports Illustrated(yes, that
Sports Illustrated)about a quest in Mexico for the Ivory-billed WP. The
article was written by the editor of SI, who made the trip guided by Victor
Emanuel. After they searched for several days they arrived in a small
village where they quizzed the inhabitants about the bird. One man
volunteered that he had seen the WP several days earlier, and commented,
"Yes, it was a great piece of meat". That was the title of the article in
Spanish - "el carne grande", or something like that. My Spanish is very


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December 28 '05

After browsing down thru my accumulated tweeters messages, I might add a
postscript on to my message about how IMWO tastes.

One reason I think that the apparently naive author had his leg pulled is
that I don't think any relatively affluent Mexican logger is going to act
like a hunter-gatherer come lunch time. If he/they had Imperial Woodpecker
for lunch, it probably would've been ground up in his/their burritos - in
other words pre-prepared.

I tasted venison burritos in Arizona.

Phil Hotlen
Bellingham, WA

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