[Tweeters] Heading to Olympia, hope to search for the Redwing

Jeff Kozma jkozma at charter.net
Mon Feb 7 18:20:28 PST 2005

I am heading to Olympia for a meeting on Wednesday.  I will get there
Tuesday but hope to search for the Redwing on Wednesday morning before my
meeting.  I will be staying at the Ramada Inn Governor House which,
according to Mapquest, is only about a mile away.  My meeting starts at 9:00
AM so I hope to be able to walk the neighborhood getting there about 7:30
AM.  Any suggestions.  I understand the Percival/4th St/Sherman area is
where the bird has been hanging out.  Please e-mail me directly at
jeffk at yakama.com if you have any suggestions.

Otherwise, I will look for people with binos.  I hadn't planned on looking
for it since it has been gone, but the recent sightings and realization on
how close it is to my hotel has made me decide to make a go for it.  If I
can't get there in the morning, I may try after the meeting in the late


Jeff Kozma
Yakima, WA

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