[Tweeters] Kent Ponds: Baikal Teal NO

bill clemons willclemons at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 13 21:43:07 PST 2005

Carol Ledford and I went up to Kent Ponds today. There
were plenty of birders there including a team doing a
monthly survey, but to the best of my knowledge, none
of us saw the Baikal Teal. There were plenty of other
species including a lot of active Green-winged Teal,
and some funky hybrid (Gadwall x Green-winged Teal??).
Others were: Ruddy Duck / Lesser Scaup / Am Wigeon /
Common and Hooded Mergansers / Bufflehead / Coot /
Pied-billed Grebe / Shoveler / Gadwall / Mallard /
Long-billed Dowitcher / Canada and Cackling Geese /
Ring-necked Duck / Song Sparrow / Bewick’s and Marsh
Wrens / Ruby-crowned Kinglet / Bushtit / Black-capped
Chickadee / Yellow-rumped Warbler / Barn Swallow /
Robin / Bald Eagle / Peregrine Falcon / Great Blue
Heron / Am Bittern / Crow / No Harrier / Red-tailed
Hawk / D-c Cormorant / Flicker / Belted Kingfisher.
Also there were very good looks at 3 Otters in and out
of the water.

Bill Clemons
Lake Oswego, OR
willclemons at yahoo.com

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