[Tweeters] Snowy Owl in Issaquah is RTHA

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Tweets - I followd Gary's directions, and found a large white bird in a tree there, but it was a leucistic RED-TAILED HAWK.

It is quite a striking bird - all white except:  about half of the head feathers are dark, there are about 10 body and wing feathers on each side that are dark, there is a reddish belly band (about half as intense as on a typical light-morph RTHA), and at least the dorsal side of the tail is a normal Red-tail red (indicating this is an adult bird).

It was near the last field before the road ends when I saw it, and it called loudly and flew in a looping flight over the field before landing in a tree.  Shortly after, another Red-tail (a normal light-morph) called and did a similar looping flight, before heading back north.  The leucistic RTHA then flew to another cottonwood, shifted around a little, then carefully broke off a twig.  It then took flight and circled up above the road for a few minutes before I lost it in the sun.  Nesting indication?

I got great looks.  Unfortunately, I was out of film in my camera...

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  Snowy Owl in Issaquah

  On Sunday morning, 2/13, a Snowy Owl was roosting on a dead tree limb on 188th Ave SE off of May Valley Rd south of Issaquah. It had some barring when it flew, but it was predominately white and I think it was an adult male.

  A local said the bird had been in the area for two months.

  Gary Luhm


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