[Tweeters] ID help!

J & B Adamowski LaComa jennandbryan at msn.com
Thu Feb 17 20:33:47 PST 2005

Today at my shop in Bothell I saw a tan/white hawk that I cannot identify I only saw it for a moment but here is what I know:
no distinguishable markings on under side of wings or body
no long tail
did not fly with rapid wing beats
wings were fairly flat while gliding
head, body and wings were all fairly similar in color
tail was darker but more of a tan/thick cream color

my first reaction was a white to tan Red Tailed Hawk but I have never seen such a thing and I don't see anything in Sibley of Raptors of the World that looks like what I saw. Any help would be much appreciated!

Bryan LaComa
jennandbryan at msn.com

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