[Tweeters] New shorebird book

Ruth and/or Patrick Sullivan godwit at worldnet.att.net
Tue Feb 1 14:40:27 PST 2005

Hello Tweets and other birders,

We have just received our copy of Dennis Paulson's new shorebird book("Shorebirds of North America") in the mail and it is an excellent guide with many,many photos! This photographic guide is a must have for anyone that enjoyed shorebirds and if nothing else the outstanding color photgraphs. The book is just slightly smaller in size than his previous shorebird book and is 361 pages with 94 species covered,including several species from Central America. This photographic guide should be in everyone's collection with more than 530 photos along with great descriptions on each listed species!


Ruth and Patrick Sullivan
godwit at worldnet.att.net

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