[Tweeters] Children and Nature

Joy Markgraf joymarkgraf at gorge.net
Fri Feb 4 18:25:07 PST 2005

Hello Connie Sidles and all;

Like you I am very disturbed by the lack of interest children seem to
have in nature. But even more upsetting to me is the trend of some
children to think that nature is here to to be torn up. I can't get the
picture out of my mind, seen on a Portland area news station the other
night, of little children ( approx. 5 or more years old) ridding ATVs
through a swamp for the shear joy of getting all covered with mud! The
gist of the report was concern for the safety of the children but not a
word was said about the health of the marsh. Most automobile adds show
tires spinning through soil, rocks, snow, and grass in very beautiful
landscapes. More and more I see back-country posted trails torn up by
motorcycles or ATVs, and gates torn to pieces. Sadly the little park in
our own area that used to be a picnic area for families is now overrun
by motorcycles. Sorry to bring up such a painful subject. On a happier
note I heard some frog songs today.

Joy Stickney-Markgraf

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