[Tweeters] Para Ponds, tricolred blackbirds, Adams Co, WA

Bob Flores rflores at smwireless.net
Fri Feb 11 15:37:13 PST 2005

I went back to the Para Pond area this morning and found a large flock of "blackbirds" working along the road where the cattle are fed. They were in an area with a lot of relief and it was hard to see them all and in fact only a fraction of them at a time. I did see 13 tricolored blackbirds. Something had spooked them and I estimated there were about 2000 "blackbirds" in the flock. Unfortunately they flew to the north out of sight not to return.

About an hour ago, 2:30pm, I went back and found no forging birds close. I did see a large flock to the north but to far to id anything.

There are a good number of pintails around and 13 tundra swans at Jake's Lake. This is the large lake to the north of Para Pond and best seen from the road along the large irrigation canal as one comes off the hill from Othello. There was several thousand geese there and I could see extreme size differences leading me to believe they were cackling and Canada geese. I did not attempt a count due to the distance and lack of patience!

Bob Flores
Othello, WA

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