[Tweeters] Cap May Warbler and more

Aaron Martin aamartin at gmail.com
Sun Feb 20 21:57:53 PST 2005

Hi Tweets,

Today my fiance and I started the day off in Spokane and saw the Cape
May Warbler in the company of many birders including Cindy McCormick
who kindly bird-sat this weekend for Al and Anne Sherrodd while they
are on vacation for two weeks. From what I understand we lucked out
and today was the last day to see the warbler at the Sherrodd
residence until they return. But word is if the warbler is still
there when they return they will let us know. From there we went to
Indian Canyon Golf Course for Pine Grosbeak, on a tip from Matt
Bartells. In the course of searching for the Grosbeak we stumbled
across a flock of RED CROSSBILLs. Another birder showed up (sorry I
didn't get your name) and later spotted the PINE GROSBEAK on the
rightmost fairway at the bottom of the hill. I got good looks at just
couple of them and was told that there were upwards of 15 which took
off before I made it over.

We drove to Vantage and birded the Old Vantage Highway. A single SAGE
SPARROW appeared at mile post 20 next to a road leading off to the
right. Lastly we headed down Huntziger road and watched the Gray
Crowned Rosy-finch until dusk. In the beginning there were only a few
but soon a large flock arrived and bedlam ensued. The Rosy-Finch were
falling from the cliffs beaks entangled, wings flapping wildly.
Others were resting comfortably in vacant nests of Cliff Swallows with
gorgeous river front views. We had equally good views of the river
and mountains in the setting sun, before returning home ourselves.

Good Birding,
Aaron Martin
Seattle, WA

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