[Tweeters] On the Willapa (WA).

Jeff Gilligan jeffgill at teleport.com
Wed Feb 23 20:30:44 PST 2005

I spent the weekend with non-birders on the Long Beach Peninsula, but of
course still saw a few birds.

The little cove off my back yard on the bay had its usual number of
LOONS were yodeling in the early morning. A HUTTON'S VIREO and a TOWNSEND'S
WARBLER were in full song.

Of interest on the way to the Astoria Bridge was the first buteo that I have
seen well and am uncertain regarding its identity in my over 40 years of
birding in the northwest. It was perched on a telephone wire near Ilwaco in
broken habitat. The bird was solid black except for the tail, with a
bright yellow cere. The tail was white with a very indistinct, diffused
tail band. I got close to and it and when I turned to get a camera it
apparently flew off, and was not seen again. My best guess is that it was
the most striking Harlan's Hawk that I have ever seen. The habitat was
right, and the bird seemed about right in its general aspects to be a
Red-tailed Hawk.

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