[Tweeters] Eurasian GW Teal/Beaver

GLAMOURCON at aol.com GLAMOURCON at aol.com
Mon Feb 28 22:24:15 PST 2005

The Eurasian GW Teal was at the Bothell Pond at 3 PM today swimming in the
center of the pond for quite a while. Went back with Graham Hutchison at 5 PM
but it was gone. However, when walking back to the car on the path directly
behind the parking lot building, we almost tripped over the biggest beaver we
had ever seen. I would guess it must have been 50 plus pounds. He was working
on taking about 4 sq. feet of bark off the bottom of a large tree. He looked
up at us and slowly ambled off into the pond.

Bob Schultz
Woodinville, WA

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