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carenp carenp at totalise.co.uk
Sat Jul 2 16:21:25 PDT 2005

i've already been asked by a few folk to post some current points for the
GoogleEarth program re birding... as of 2-3 hours ago, i have:
a.. four heronries (black river, lake sammamish state park, medina park,
and ballard locks)
b.. thomas pond (kent/auburn)
c.. pillings pond (licton springs)
d.. wenas creek campground and hardy canyon (entrance trail)
e.. juanita bay park (kirkland)
f.. marymoor park (redmond)
g.. log boom - tracy owen station (kenmore)
h.. union bay natural area (montlake fill)
i.. green river natural resource area (kent ponds / boeing pond)
j.. edmonds marsh and brackett landing
k.. west 90
l.. des moines creek park (south of seatac)
m.. jack block park (alki-ish)
n.. tom lord nature trail (i hope i got this one right - south of sand
o.. jetty island (everett), where i think i'll be on the 4th of july, on
the northern point... anyone care to join me? i suppose i should find out
if the ferry is running on the fourth :)
other spots i'd like to add are in eastern washington, especially tom lamb's
hummingbird heaven in dixie, washington, and the special spots folks on the
dry side haunt... additions in western washington will eventually include:
grays harbor and bottle beach, leadbetter point, padilla bay, the important
spots of whidbey island, moss lake (duvall), a few locations up the I-90
corridor, and any others that are special to folks... as i have a folder
for heronries right now, i'd like to add to that list, and also put one up
for shorebirds, swifts (especially chimney swifts), and other specialities
(raptors? purple martins? owls? woodpeckers?)... might not be a bad idea
to post points for the better spots listed in the birds of washington book
as well...

of the places i have so far, none have information descriptions, and that's
something that would be nice to add: what types of birds to expect and

the more locations, the merrier.

oh, it has been suggested that, for those who don't wish to download the
program, or cannot run it for whatever reason, this database (for want of a
better term) should include GPS points for use with Google Maps, another
program from the Do No Evil kids of silicon valley... not a bad idea,

00 caren
playing chess on the internet near JBP
I saw your message at Tweeters and am asking if you would please respond
with the list of your current points on the GoogleEarth system. I have
played around with the Keyhole program and been very impressed. Don't know
if I will be able to add anything to your project, but we'll see.

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