[Tweeters] Caspian Terns in the Kitsap Co./Bremerton Area

hrudkaj mary hrudkajm at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 4 14:40:41 PDT 2005

I frequently find Caspian terns hanging out on the south shore of Yukon 
Harbor south of Manchester along the road going out to Southworth.  I have 
also seen them frequently along the south side of Sinclair inlet anywhere 
from West Bay (near Bay Ford dealership) out to just beyond the Annapolis 
sewage treatment facility.  The area from Annapolis out to Rich Passage is a 
sure spot to get harlequin ducks just about year round.

I don't know of any place where the terns might be breeding though, sorry.

Unfortunately the best time to find the terns is during the low tides and 
this time of year the tidal smell can be a bit overwhelming on warm days.  
And Yukon Harbor area has a problem with bacteria in summer and sometimes 
the stench on the south shore is so bad one can hardly breath.  So plan any 
trips accordingly.

Happy birding.

Mary Hrudkaj
Belfair/North Mason county

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