[Tweeters] Black-backed Woodpecker, Takhlakh Lake, Skamania Co.

Marcus.D.Roening at gsk.com Marcus.D.Roening at gsk.com
Mon Jul 4 21:04:06 PDT 2005

Hi Tweets,

Heather and I found a nesting BLACK-BACKED WOODPECKER on Meadow Trail #136
out of the Takhlakh Lake campground, which is located just NW of Mount
Adams of of FS23.

>From the day use lot, hike around the north side of the lake (lake loop is
1.1 miles to circle the lake), until you hit the junction for Trail #136
opposite the Day use lot.  Follow Meadow Lake trail #136 for maybe a
quarter of a mile, cross road 2329, continue over a small rivulet where we
saw a NORTHERN THREE-TOED WOODPECKER, continue less than 1/4 mile until a
big jumble of rocks, which are the remains of a lava tube.  The trail
splits here and forms a 1/4 mile loop.  Follow the trail 25 yds. up the
tumble and where it levels off, look down.  The bird was nesting in a 8"
burned out Fir tree about 10' up.  You could look up from down below, as
well.  The area will be obvious, because the only burned trees are on this
lava spur.  You should be able to hear the young ones, who are making a
constant noise.

Other birds seen or heard on this hike:
Hermit Thrush
Varied Thrush
Gray Jay
Clark's Nutcracker
Wilson's Warbler
Lincoln's Sparrow
Golden-crowned Kinglet
Red-breasted Nuthatch
Winter Wren
Ken Knittle as we were leaving :-)

On a separate hike, Heather and I went to Bird Creek Meadows (p. 262 in the
ABA A Birder's Guide to WA).  This trail was amazingly accessable to get to
subalpine habitat.  From the Bird Creek Meadow parking lot, it is a gradual
1 1/2 mile climb to an astonishing view of Mt. Adams and wildflowers.  In
bloom, were shooting stars, Indian paintbrush and cinquefoil.  The most
interesting bird was a singing Townsend's Solitaire.  For those who have
attempted this badly maintained road before, you'll be pleased to hear that
the Yakama Nation has re-graded the road and filled in some major holes
with gravel. Other than the usual dust, any vehicle can get up there at
this point in time.

Good Birding,

Marcus Roening
Tacoma, WA
marcus.d.roening at gsk.com

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