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Tue Jul 5 11:58:00 PDT 2005

Greetings Tweeters,

I was roused from my early morning activities by a chorus of whistle-like bird sounds coming from the balcony, so I tiptoed over to the sliding glass doors and peeked around the curtain. There was one adult Hairy Woodpecker clutching the side of the tray-style feeder (It is actually round, about 9-10 inches in diameter and shaped like a shallow soup-bowl.) and one juvenile sitting in the feeder. A second juvenile, after determining he wouldn’t fit in the tray with the other, perched on the balcony railing. I could tell the adult (on the side away from me) was gobbling seed, but couldn’t see the head so I don’t know if it as male or female. Any further maneuvering on my part would have spooked the Black-headed Grosbeak that was perched nearby. Both juveniles had red on the head.

Since I was now dislodged from my computer (much less important than bird watching), I checked out the trees in the ravine from another window and spotted two male Wilson’s Warblers and a Brown Creeper!

Other regulars were in evidence: the Western Wood Peewee was calling from nearby, but I never spotted it; several House Sparrows and Song Sparrows gathered seed from the ground along with one juvenile Spotted Towhee (I have seen only one this summer, where as there have been 2-3 in past summers.); next at the tray after the woodpeckers was a lone Band-tailed Pigeon, soon displaced by a Steller’s Jay; a Chestnut-backed Chickadee grabbed the biggest sunflower seed it could find from the second feeder, and a lone Crow put in a brief appearance.

I was sure glad to see –and hear - birds after the noisy weekend of fireworks and related holiday activities!

Judy Rowe Taylor
Mukilteo, WA
Art is a voice of the heart, a song of the soul.
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