[Tweeters] Possible Black and White warbler in Klickitat Co.

Rod at Home roderickgilbert at comcast.net
Tue Jul 5 17:59:21 PDT 2005

Hello Tweets,

I spent last w/e primarily looking for squirrels, Lewis' woodpeckers and plants on the eastside. I took Hwy 23 from Randle over to Glenwood and then down through the Klickitat Wildlife area to Lyle. Beautiful country.

About 3 miles south of the Klickitat River viewpoint sign (p.112 Gazetteer, B 2) east of Glenwood, I've convinced myself that I saw a BLACK AND WHITE WARBLER. I got two quick looks through the binos. He was singing though, I didn't recognize the song, and it then took off away from the road. I called a friend who played back the call to me the next day, and I'm fairly sure it was the same bird. He was hanging out in Ponderosa pine and Garry oak habitat (at about the highest elevation where the oak occurred) roughly 20 feet off the ground. I have seen a B&W warbler once before in Florida though it was in mangroves.

Rod Gilbert
roderickgilbert at comcast.net

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