[Tweeters] Pair of Marbled Murrelets

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Tue Jul 5 15:35:19 PDT 2005

Good Afternoon!

I will make this my last message about the Mukilteo ferry dock murrelets, but am posting just in case someone on the list has never seen a MM close-up.  I have been reliably seeing at least one and on some days two Marbled Murrelets each day (usually twice a week) I have gone down to the dock on my lunch break (normally taken sometime between 12:30 and 2 p.m.) for the past 4 weeks; I do this on rainy or overcast days (like today) because it is less crowded.  The only day I didn't see one was a day when the water was very very choppy.  

Today there was a pair, side by side near shore in front of the Silver Cloud Inn when I arrived.  The ferry was mid-channel.  There was also a Rhinoceros Auklet close to shore and a couple more out a bit.  As soon as the ferry approached the dock the two MM and the RA dove and shortly popped up near the ferry.  From my vantage point - the Silver Cloud pier this visit (the boardwalk beside the ferry itself  gives closer looks) - duing the time the ferry unloaded and reloaded I saw only one MM (between dives, that is).  As soon as the ferry pulled away I spotted the second MM on the other side; it actually ventured very close to shore in front of the Losvar.  Whether it went fore or aft or underneath the ferry to get to the other side, I don't know.  

It is being a great summer treat for me to observe these sea birds so easily. 


Judy Rowe Taylor
Mukilteo, WA
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