[Tweeters] No. Waterthrush Wenaha River

Steve Ellis sellis at coup.wednet.edu
Wed Jul 6 11:47:23 PDT 2005

Sorry for the tardy posting but we've just returned from a camping trip. On
July 1 My wife and I spotted 2 Northern Waterthrush along the Wenaha River
in Oregon. I don't know if they have ever been reported from there hence
this posting. To access the site: Elk Flats Trailhead north of Elgin. Take
the 5 mile trail to the river. A little bushwacking will bring you to some
heavy timbers on the bank of the river- apparently part of an old bridge.
Look to your left at an island and a backwater part of the river. A
waterthrush was busily feeding on insects there for 2-3 minutes before being
chased away by another one. It appeared more an act ofaggression than
courtship or anything else. What a great place for a lifer!
The trail is steep on the way back and something of an ordeal as the
temperatures were in the 80's. Fortunately there's lots of shade along the
way. The birding was good along the trail and river: Wild Turkeys (birds,
not humans), Pileated Woodpecker, Western Tanager to name a few.
Steve Ellis
sellis at coup.wednet.edu

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