[Tweeters] P.S. Murrelet #3 and ? hybrid Heermann's gull

judyrowetaylor at comcast.net judyrowetaylor at comcast.net
Wed Jul 6 14:22:38 PDT 2005

Today I determined that there are in fact three Marbled Murrelets at the Mukilteo ferry dock. One of the two on the Silver Cloud Inn side may be a juvenile as it has some white on the neck and wing. I did get a bit of a scare though. The gulls suddenly started squawking and I looked up to see an adult Bald Eagle flying by, heading towards one of the MMs. But it was being harassed by three gulls who escorted said eagle right out of the area. The two MMs clustered together after that incident. These two stayed further out today, maybe because there were half-a dozen fisherpersons and quite a few other folks on the pier, including me :-) ; it was sunny when I arrived about 1:15, but storm clouds thickened and the wind picked up by the time I walked over to the south side of the pier to check out MM # 3, which was in close to shore. Maybe they are a family!

I also saw the oddest gull…looked like a hybrid Heermann’s. Are there any documented Heermann’s – Western gull hybrids?

Thanks! JT
Judy Rowe Taylor
Mukilteo, WA
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