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Gaby veeeger1 at earthlink.net
Wed Jul 6 18:06:22 PDT 2005

Hi Tweets!  Trying again.  My original July 4 message came up garbled. 

Our eaglets (two) have fledged!  On the 4th of July, we saw them soaring
over the nest area and then kettle up and away toward Idaho only to come
back to the nest area about half an hour later.  

Bayley Lake has dozens of Canadas.  Parents and babies all over the place. 

Ditto for Potter's Pond.  Coots families and lots of fat headed little
goldeneye babies along with three Great Blues and at least one spotted

There were several yellow-headed blackbirds over Horse-thief Lake (outside
the refuge by about a mile) mobbing an osprey trying to fish for dinner.

Can still hear winnowing of snipes and calls of rails.  However, have not
had the pleasure of actually seeing them.  

Along Cliff Ridge, there were a couple of small, unidentied falcons soaring
with the eagles and at least one male kestrel keeping them company.  

Gaby Belden

Colville, WA

veeeger1 at earthlink.net
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