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Thu Jul 7 20:56:20 PDT 2005

I am posting this request for help from Jan, since she is not on Tweeters.
Jan McGruder is the Executive Director for East Lake Washington Audubon in

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> Hi all:


> Received a call at the office today. The City of Kirkland held a huge

> fireworks display in Juanita Bay on Monday night, very close to an eagle

> nest.


> A resident who lives near the nest, and watches it every day, says there


> been NO activity since Monday night.


> She was shocked by the fireworks display, and I had no idea this was

> planned.

> When she called the City to express her concerns (too late) they had no


> there was a nest there! It's been there for years.


> Has anyone on this list been observing this nest? The resident says she's

> not an experienced birder, but has observed the nest on a regular basis.


> says from 4 am through late evening you could hear the eaglets begging,


> now all is silent. Since Tuesday, she's seen 1 adult at the nest, but just

> sitting.


> I gave her the Dept of Wildlife telephone numbers, but I'm afraid it's too

> late. How sad!


> - Jan Mcgruder

> East Lake Washington Audubon Society

> P.O. Box 3115

> Kirkland, WA 98083-3115

> (425) 822-8580

> (425) 828-4036 fax

> jgmcgruder at comcast.net





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