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Thu Jul 7 12:34:54 PDT 2005

Hi Tweeters,
This morning an Evening Grosbeak sat at my feeder. with all the regular  
birds who are regulars. (sparrows and house finches) he was  afraid of me  the 
first few times he saw me, but that didnt last for long, he even moved over  and 
didn't leave when I washed off my windows near the feeder, so that I could  
get a better picture. funny guy he is. I still have Ravens, Scrub Jays,  
Stellars, and many Brown headed cow birds.. a few Brewers black  birds. but as 
someone said. it is kind of a lull in the parade of different  birds.
  The funny sparrow "women" are  tired of feeding their children,  and are 
still bringing them all to the feeders , even though they still sit  there with 
their mouths open, it saves the flight back and forth.
Even though they are kind of usual, they are funny to watch.
   I do have a Stellar, thats feathers are always in   disarray. his voice is 
always gone. he tries to talk, but it always comes out  soft and raspy, this 
has been for at least a month. He seems healthy otherwise.  Robust even. He is 
my messy bird. always swinging his head and throwing the  seeds all over the 
place looking for something. I have to tap at the window and  scold him often. 
He stands there defiantly looking at me ..like WHAT, can't you  see I'm 
eating here? 
   And a closing question, Why do male brownheaded cowbirds puff  up 
repeatedly, and raise their wings up and make such a funny chirp, over and  over while 
at the feeder. they hold there wings out like dracula and his cape.  its 
really strange.. 
have a great day
  Shelley Lafave
tillicum wa
_tru2blu4u at aol.com_ (mailto:tru2blu4u at aol.com) 
Yesterday was the past, Tomorrow the future, Today is a gift, that's  why 
it's called the Present..... Treat it as such.....
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