[Tweeters] Re: black backed-woodpeckers

Linda B llbart at scn.org
Thu Jul 7 21:01:03 PDT 2005

Thanks so much Marcus Roening and Ken Knittle for the great tip on the
black-backed woodpecker. We drove down today (Thurs., June 7th) and
followed your directions (posted on Tweeters on July 5th) to the proper
tree. What a drone that young one (ones?) make from their nest hole!
Almost insect-like. This was a bird we both needed for our life lists and
were thrilled to be able to have such a great view of them. We sat and
watched both parents feeding the young for quite awhile. For anyone else
who wants to see a beautiful family of black-backed woodpeckers, we suggest
they not delay--the young one looks ready to fly soon!

Linda Bartlett, Kent
Anne Bengelink, Auburn

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