[Tweeters] Palouse Falls trip

Carol Dunster cedunster at centurytel.net
Thu Jul 7 21:15:55 PDT 2005

I thought I'd give a quick run down of our afternoon at Palouse Falls.
The weather was perfect and we saw several kinds of birds without
really trying. There was a pair of Peregrine Falcons at the falls,
which were really fun to watch. We saw a couple of Great Blue Herons,
many Violet Green Backed Swallows, a huge Swallowtail butterfly, the
Western Wood Peewee, Ravens and various other small birds we didn't
search out to identify. 

Also, a few days ago, coming back from Othello to Washtucna, we saw
three Turkey Vultures sitting on a irrigation pipe in that typical
Vulture pose, it was pretty cool :)

Carol Dunster
Washtucna, WA

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