[Tweeters] Black-backed Woodpecker

VICJEN BURGETT vicjenb at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 8 20:29:39 PDT 2005

Paul Woodcock and I left Whatcom County at 3AM and
drove down to the Mt. Adams Black-backed Woodpeckers
that several people have written about this week.
Thanks so much to Marcus Roening and everyone who
provided detailed directions!  I am so glad to have
finally found this species which has eluded me so
often in the past!  When we arrived at about 9:30 AM
by the nest area we got stunning looks at both the
male and female despite the cold, wet, and windy
weather.  Returning later (1PM), only the female was
around, making about seven trips to the nest hole with
food in an hour.  Where did the male go??  The young,
as others have noted, keep up a non-stop chattering -
how do they even catch their breaths, it is so

-Victor Burgett, Blaine, WA, vicjenb at yahoo.com

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