[Tweeters] Kent Valley - Boeing Ponds

Lynn Schulz linusq at worldnet.att.net
Sat Jul 9 14:01:12 PDT 2005

Hi Folks:
I was down at Boeing Ponds in the Kent Valley this morning, Sat, June 9.
After yesterday's 1/2 inch of rain, there was more water in the ponds than 
in recent days.  Marv
Breece was there also.  He and I watched two adult Green Herons chasing each
other and perching on the snags and in trees.  Occasionally, one would fly
to the water's edge and stand still.  But mostly they were very active.
Viewing from over near the barricaded road, there were many LONG-BILLED
DOWITCHERS wading in the water.  These birds were in brick-red breeding
plumage.  I have trouble w/ the ID of dowitchers, and I carefully noted that
the Long-bills did not have any primary extension (primaries going past the
to speak of.  That point was mentioned as a field mark for Long-billed Dows
in the west.  It was mentioned in Dennis Paulson's new book, "Shorebirds of
North America, the Photographic Guide".  The book also has many excellent
images of Long-billed vs. Short-billed Dows.  Thank you, Dennis Paulson!
The Long-b Dows occasionally called keek, keek.
A few WESTERN SANDPIPERS, and LEAST SANDPIPERS were in the water.  There
were about 6 adult GREATER YELLOWLEGS in breeding plumage.  There were a
number of SPOTTED SANDPIPERS in the area, and we saw one juv Spotty.  The
Spotties were quite vocal going yowk, yowk, yowk, and making their other
After Marv left, I remained until 11AM.  More Long-b Dows became visible and
I counted 51 at one time.  The ducks were mostly all Mallards, but just
before I left, I spotted a male PINTAIL DUCK.  The viewing is good at the
ponds with many close views possible.  Be sure to walk back past the
barricaded road to view the hidden back pond.  It gets shorebirds too.
Yours, Carol Schulz
DesMoines, WA

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