[Tweeters] Yes and no on BBWO

Jim McCoy jfmccoy at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 9 21:23:22 PDT 2005

The parents have apparently abandoned the nest. There was a doomed nestling
still inside the nest cavity, calling in vain to be fed. After a couple of
hours of waiting, it became obvious that there was no longer any reason to
stay away from the tree, so we clambered over the rocks until we could get a
partial view in, and periodically its beak was visible as it peered out.
Ollie and Grace Oliver took the late shift, so maybe they'll have something
else to report.

On the brighter side, we saw a female American Three-toed Woodpecker working
along the road.

On the lighter side, I was watching the coverage of the Tour de France early
this morning, and Phil Liggett, the terrific commentator, spread his wings
and tried his hand at ornithology as the camera panned over a flock of white
storks. He said "They're in migration this time of year" and "I imagine
they'll be nesting soon," and in reference to one that was perched atop a
platform, concluded with something like "he's found the place he'll stay for
the weekend." Oh, well. He gets credit for having the species right, and
he really is very good on the subject of cycling...

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