[Tweeters] Ridgefield NWR: Rails and Soras WOW!!

bill clemons willclemons at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 9 20:07:26 PDT 2005

Today, Carol Ledford and I birded Ridgefield NWR north
of Vancouver, WA.  While we had 50 species for the
day, without a doubt, the BEST birds of the day were
Virginia Rails and Soras, continually on display and
in the open, from 3-4:15 pm.  Total individuals seen
were 12.  SORAS: 1 adult, 3 juveniles (75% adult
size).  RAILS:  4 adults, 2 juveniles (80-90% adult
size), and 2 chicks (little black balls of fluff). 
These beauties were seen at the SW side of Rest Lake
at the turnout between Rest Lake and South Big Lake.

Activities observed:  

- Sometimes we saw adults and juveniles of both
species in the open simultaneously.
- Sometimes several birds were seen coming into view,
running or flying, while others were leaving.  
- Baby Rail chicks doing their begging display and
being fed by parents.
- Squabbling Rails chasing Soras and each other.
- All birds running for cover during flyovers of
Eagle, Heron, Bittern, and Egret, and then returning
to the open when all clear.
- Preening, leg- and wing-stretching, wading, flying,
swimming and feeding.

bill clemons
willclemons at yahoo.com
SW of Portland in Mtn Park

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