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Sun Jul 10 13:54:09 PDT 2005

The bird life in and around downtown Bellingham continues to impress me, 
given the concrete-jungle habitat.
*Three of our Violet-green Swallow boxes erupted with fledglings two days 
ago, right on schedule. For the past five years, they have fledged between July 
8-12. There were as many as 20 birds chittering and swirling about, perching on 
top of the boxes, and taking one last look at the "old home place." It was 
really quiet out on the deck this morning. Since we've been providing housing, 
we've had as many as 72 Violet-greens for neighbors.
*Caspian Terns are still vocalizing as they head northeast on their evening 
flights. Though not as numerous and boisterous as they were three weeks ago, 
they're still out and about.
*I was alerted to a visitor this morning, just two blocks away, by the 
distinctive mobbing sounds of a flock of crows. As soon as I arrived on the scene, 
an adult Cooper's Hawk burst from the top of a tree and two dozen crows took 
off in hot pursuit. Cooper's are regular in the downtown area in winter but this 
might be the first that I've seen in summer.
To quote an old movie line, "Watch the skies, everywhere! Keep looking. Keep 
watching the skies!" Does anyone know the movie title?
Joe Meche
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