[Tweeters] Ausable Directions

Steve Ellis sellis at coup.wednet.edu
Sun Jul 10 14:08:55 PDT 2005

Several folks have asked about directions to The Ausable Institute property
on Whidbey Island. 1st, remember that it's located at the "kink" in the
island so it's east of Coupeville.
  The site is located near the intersection of Hwy 20 and Parker Road.
*Turn North onto Parker Road
* At .5 miles, immediately before a "School Bus Stop Ahead" sign is a dirt
track on the right.
* Park there and walk around the posts in the old road. The trail goes
througfh some trees then into the open.
* When you get to the old barn on the left ( has had Barn Owls), bear to the
* The bluebirds were on the fence line that separates the Ausable property
from some private landowners.

Another (and quite frankly more interesting "bird-wise" access)
* Turn east onto Morris Road.
* At .5 miles is a 1 or 2 car pullout on the left
* Walk around the gate and follow the trail.
* Eventually the trail heads west along a  windbreak row of pines. The area
to the left (south) is where I discovered the Lazuli Bunting and Vesper
Sparrow this spring
* Walk to the end of the trees and turn right (north)
* The bluebirds were along that stretch

The 3rd access:
At .2 miles on Parker, turn into the institutes main parking area.
* Head east between the old pheasant coops and bear north when you sight the
row of pines 
  The 1st report I heard was of 3 juvie Western Bluebirds but I only saw the
1 with the female adult.
  This is such an important area to those of us in the Coupeville area. When
the State Dept of Fish and Wildlife went to sell we all assumed it would end
up being developed. How wonderful to have this organization take it over!
 You might encounter some students working on restoration ecology but
they're good folks and birding is encouraged.  Good birding at let me know
what you find!
Steve Ellis
sellis at coup.wednet.edu

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