[Tweeters] Yes and no on BBWO

Guttman, Burt GuttmanB at evergreen.edu
Sun Jul 10 18:06:43 PDT 2005

Although it's hardly worth the effort, it took quite a while to figure what "BBWO" stands for. We've had this debate before, and it's clear that many people share my opinion that these damned abbreviations are confusing and unnecessary. If people on this list won't stop throwing them around so casually, I'm going to quit the list or ask Dan Victor to prohibit their use. Lots of things have been prohibited on Tweeters, and I nominate this for another one.

In a decidedly PO'd mood,

Burt Guttman
The Evergreen State College
Olympia, WA 98505 guttmanb at evergreen.edu
Home: 7334 Holmes Island Road S. E., Olympia, 98503

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