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The Collared-Dove was seen and heard at a private residence just south of
Warden HS, east of Road U SE on Road 9. After hearing this dove call
continually I think the Columbia NWR record of 6/14 should be withdrawn.
While today's bird often gave an upper-inflected "falsetto" second note, the
first and third notes were much too mellow compared to the CNWR bird, which
was likely a Mourning Dove doing a 3-note low-high-low call.

I spoke with the occupant of the house. She asked if I was monitoring the
burrowing owls in the field between her house and the high school (which I
was, but most of those owls have left already). She seemed OK with a few
birders driving down the road to her place, but you should stop in and ask
for permission to park or bird in her yard as I believe the public road ends

Randy Hill
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> Birders,


> Randy Hill, AKA Mr. Collared-Dove, just called to leave directions to

> another Grant Count Collared-Dove. The dove is located near the Warden

> High

> School along or near Road 'U' NE. It is in a back yard calling loudly and

> regularly.


> Cheers


> Doug Schonewald

> Moses Lake, WA

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