[Tweeters] BOOBY sp. relocated - Bellingham Bay - 7/10/05

Houston Flores houstonflores at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 10 21:30:18 PDT 2005

Hello all,

After several hours of searching, I finally relocated the booby species this
evening (7:00 pm) from Marine Park. The bird was quite a ways out close to
the north end of the bay, but I got fairly good looks at it through my
scope, and saw some more characteristics which lead me to believe the bird
is indeed a Brown Booby. During the five minutes of viewing the bird went
unharassed and was flying low to the water, executing low-angle
plunge-dives, which after reading some literature appears to be a
characteristic of a Brown Booby. I also got good looks at its dark hood
which contrasted sharply with its white belly, another diagnostic field
mark. The birds flight was strong and it would flap between 3-8 times
before going into an extended glide on its long angled wings.

After I got good enough looks at the bird, I raced to the north side of the
bay hoping for better looks and possible photo opportunities. As I said,
from Marine Park the bird was quite a ways out, and I believe better views
would have been had from the north side of the bay, near the river delta.
Unfortunately, pulloffs with views of the bay are few and far between on the
north side, due to private property and the Lummi Indian Reservation. Even
more unfortunately, the few stops I found proved fruitless in relocating the

All in all, I was happy to have relocated the bird, but was once again
frustrated that the bird was viewed from such a distance that I wasn't able
to document it. I'll be out there again tomorrow with hopes of documenting
this rarity, and I think I will search from the north end of the bay this
time (that is, if I can find some decent access).

Good Migrations,

Houston Flores
Bellingham, Wa
houstonflores AT hotmail.com

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