[Tweeters] Re: Four-letter codes

Guy McWethy lguy_mcw at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 12 15:18:34 PDT 2005

It's kinda funny,
I've joined other birding lists like Tweeters for
different areas of the country, before trips to those
areas, the Carolinas, San Diego, etc.
This topic has come up on those lists as well, and
they always sound about the same. For that matter,
this has come up 3-4 times on Tweeters in the last
couple of years.
Enough already.
Let's agree to Wayne's proposal (and Burt's). Use the
full name the first time, followed by your preferred
abreviation in parentheses, then use any abbreviation
you feel comfortable with. This is the standard way
to deal with acronym's in the literature, and should
be common courtesy in an open forum such as this.
This would be a good solution for both clarity and
Eschew Obfuscation!!
Now, let's get back to birding !!

Guy McWethy
Renton, WA
mailto: lguy_mcw at yahoo.com

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