[Tweeters] friendly Heermann's at Mukilteo

judyrowetaylor at comcast.net judyrowetaylor at comcast.net
Tue Jul 12 09:29:42 PDT 2005

I didn't see the white-headed Heermann's Gull this am, but there was a very not-shy one with gray-wash to the head, a non-breeding adult or possibly 2nd-year with the other gulls, on the beach and parking lot at the lighthouse.  I had a few British muffins and some Friskies dental diet (The gulls love the dental diet, and I hope it is better than the "junk food" they pick up along the beach) to see if I could entice the Heermann's closer.  No problem!  With a little time invested, I think it would eat from a person't hand.  I had a few frames left on a roll of film in my camera and got a few shots with a 100mm lens; but, wouldn't you know....as soon as the last frame was esposed, the Heermann's perched on the log right beside of me, waiting for more handouts!

There were several Rhinoceros Auklets and at least one Pigeon Guillemot off the boat ramp area.  I spotted only one Marbled Murrelet about 30 yards out from the Silver Cloud Inn, but it soon headed for the docked ferry, diving, then paddling on the surface once in closer, then diving once again to come up by the ferry itself. Then I was out of time for birding this morning.

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Mukilteo, WA
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