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Hi Tweets:
I had just sent off these DIRECTIONS to BOEING PONDS to a Tweets member.
Boeing Ponds is located in north Kent. I gave directions from I-167. If
you are traveling on I-5, take exit 152 onto Orillia Rd. (This is near
SeaTac airport). Go east on Orillia down into the Kent Valley. Orillia
becomes S 212th St. Travel about 1 mile across the valley and turn left at
the light at S 59th Pl. Follow the directions below starting at S 59th:

Come south on I-167 to S 212th St exit. Travel west on 212th probably about
3 miles thru a series of lights to S 59th Pl. It is across the street from
a KOA.

>From S 212th St:

At the light on S 59th Pl across from the KOA turn north and go approx. 1/2
mile on 59th. The big Boeing Kent Space Center is on your right. Just past
Boeing on the
right you will see the first of the ponds. There is a gravel turnout, and a
small, unoccupied blue and white bldg on the right. Park anywhere in there
and view. You can also walk on a gravel path around the ponds.
After you view from there, continue on around on 59th about 2 blocks to a
blocked-off road on the right. Park there and view birds in the water right
below you. Walk into the other ponds on 62nd Ave S. You will be walking
south toward the Boeing plant. Near the back side you'll see the other end
of the gravel trail, and can view a back pond that isn't visible from the
This area has a number of new roads that are shown in the new Thomas Guide
2005 on pg 685. It's for King, Pierce, and Snohomish Counties. It's really
good. It shows the roads (dotted lines in some cases), but not the ponds
themselves. Kent Ponds (Green River Natural Resources Area) is also on that
same page. Kent Ponds is just south of 212th and its directly south of
Boeing Ponds. The map does not show the ponds of that area either. Just
the roads.
Yours, Carol Schulz

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> Hi Tweeters and Carol,


> I did a solo trip to Boeing Ponds last night and am

> happy to report I was able to access them without

> being asked to leave by Boeing security.


> While I was there a beautiful and huge Black Swan flew

> in. That was an interesting bird to see there. No

> bands, but must be an escapee.


> Dozens of Long-billed Dowitchers. I would guess 40

> minimum, probably many more. They are a beautiful

> rufous coloration right now that won't last. A good

> showing of Lesser Yellowlegs, some giving a prolonged

> call. Some Greater Yellowlegs. Least Sandpipers here

> and there and everywhere. Kildeer and Spotted

> Sandpipers too.

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