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Gary Bletsch garybletsch at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 14 10:53:47 PDT 2005

Dear Tweeters,

After missing the Eastern Kingbird six times in a row
at Corkindale, I was getting frustrated. Then on July
12, one showed up at my house near Lyman! It was the
first time I'd seen one here; maybe there might be a
pair, but the bird was hanging out near the highway
and some private property, so it is hard to tell.

That same day, I saw six species of swallows feeding
over the hayfields here. In descending order of
abundance, they were Barn, Violet-green, Tree,
Rough-winged, Cliff, and Bank. Oddly, the Tree was the
hardest to find. The Bank was giving its "electric
wire" call, and the Cliff stood out pretty well with
its colorful rump, but now I find that it is getting
hard to tell the Tree Swallows from the Violet-greens,
with all the immatures zipping around.

Also of interest that day was a pair of Band-tailed
Pigeons over the ridge to the north, and a handful of
Black Swifts up there above them.

Yesterday there were a few Caspian Terns flying by in
the morning, the second time in the last month. It has
been a good week for birds around the house!

Yours truly,

Gary Bletsch

near Lyman (Skagit County), Washington

garybletsch at yahoo.com

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